about me

imageHi, I’m Hazel, thanks for visiting!

I’m a writer, a maker, and an inveterate reader. Books are irresistible to me, they always have been. I’m uneasy without something lovely to read, therefore I am the carrier of large handbags or a well-loaded e-reader. I’ve been writing as long as I can remember, it seems I only know what I think if I can write it down, which does mean that I’d quite like my journals to self-destruct on my death as they are interspersed with less-than-well-thought-through ramblings …
I live with my husband of forty five years, his name is Paul, but I haven’t called him that since the day we were married, to me and to his friends he is Floss, so I guess you’ll probably get to know him by that too.
We live in Dorset, we love its coast and forest, and can often be found on a beach enjoying the sunset with a glass of something delicious in hand. We have two sons, two daughters-in-law, and six grandkids.
I adore nature; deep snow, and full trees, smooth beaches, and epic mountain ranges, oh and the smell of the evening air. Even long road trips with my husband, when discussing the deep things of life as we travel, become refreshing moments of encounter. And how about those walks, and paddling in rivers, and holding hands … nothing quite as lovely as holding the hand of a person who means the world to me.
I’d love you to stay awhile, you’re very welcome here.